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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Yonghui shares start corporate culture and management system construction consulting

At 13:30 on May 4th, 2015, Zhongshan Yonghui Chemical Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Strategy Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Yonghui Chemical Co. on the project officially started business consulting and project kick-off meeting in our large administrative building on the second floor meeting room was held. Meeting attended by the company's executive-level and above. The project encompasses business consulting corporate culture and management system construction consulting two projects, Mill consultation period of six months.
? ? ? ?With the listing of shares in Beijing Yonghui three new board, business operations management system made more stringent requirements. To meet the business development needs, the company introduced the strategy of systematic gold business management system for Yonghui Chemical Co. tailored specialization, standardization of enterprise solutions to enhance their core competitiveness, maintain industry leadership in market segments . Through this consulting project, Yonghui Chemical Co. will consolidate the internal foundation for the company's development speed.

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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Address:ChangGuan Road No.47,LongChang Industrial Estate,Western Area,ZhongShan,GuangDong,China
Telephone:0760-8855 9363
Fax:0760-8855 9030

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