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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Yonghui share three new board listing the successful completion ceremony

To celebrate the company in the country SME share transfer system (referred to as "three new board") formally successful, March 20, 2015 Zhongshan Yonghui Chemical Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony. Yonghui Shares crew gathered to celebrate the company's major events. During the event, the company invited the Zhongshan Daily, Zhongshan Daily and other media publicity, to further enhance public awareness Yonghui shares. (Securities referred to: Yonghui shares; stock code: 832 120)

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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Address:ChangGuan Road No.47,LongChang Industrial Estate,Western Area,ZhongShan,GuangDong,China
Telephone:0760-8855 9363
Fax:0760-8855 9030

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