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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Yonghui Shares 2015 women's health, etiquette seminars

After careful preparation, Zhongshan Wing Fai Chemical Corporation during the annual International Women's Day, for all female employees of the company to send a wealth of "nutritional meal", that Yonghui Chemical 2015 women's health, etiquette seminars. Guangzhou company invited as General Counsel heritage youth teams, Guangdong College of Engineering Distinguished Instructor Yuxiong Li teacher professional women to lectures in their daily work, life, health, etiquette and other aspects. During more than the teacher and assistant pro and practical, humorous and passionate lecture style to the presence of female staff to teach health, etiquette knowledge, skills. Through personal experience, practical examples, live demonstrations and other ways to enhance the enthusiasm of staff interaction, and the presence of staff made a detailed answer related questions, has won widespread recognition of the presence of employees.

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Zhongshan YongHui Chemi-industry Co., Ltd.

Address:ChangGuan Road No.47,LongChang Industrial Estate,Western Area,ZhongShan,GuangDong,China
Telephone:0760-8855 9363
Fax:0760-8855 9030

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